Mapping the Mind 2019

Psychedelic Science Conference

September 21 2019 in Toronto, Canada

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Some of this year's speakers include...

David E. Nichols, PhD

David is recognized as one of the foremost international scientific experts about psychedelics - his contributions include the synthesis and reporting of escaline, LSZ, 6-APB, 2C-I-NBOMe and other NBOMe variants as well as the coining of the term "entactogen".

Mendel Kaelen, PhD

Mendel is a post-doctoral neuroscientist at Imperial College London, specialised in the function of music in psychedelic therapy. Look forward to an interactive music workshop that simulates musical experiences in psychedelic therapy.

Dr. Kenneth Tupper

Since 1999, Dr. Tupper has studied the potential of psychedelic plants and substances to foster innovative thinking, to evoke experiences of wonder and awe, or to recover from addictions or eating disorders, when used carefully.

And many more speakers are yet to be announced. This year we will also be featuring Toronto Psychedelic Week activites leading up to the conference and hosting an afterparty lounge.

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